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Mobster Hits FAQs

Q. What is a traffic exchange?

A. Traffic exchanges are online services where web site owners and affiliate marketers
trade traffic. Other members of Mobster Hits will view your web site when you visit the
sites of other members.

Q. How Do I Receive Hits?

A. Click "Surf" on the members area menu to start viewing the sites of other members.
You will earn credits for viewing other members' sites. Your site will receive one
page view for each credit that you assign toyour site. As a Free member, you will earn
one credit (page view) for every two sitesthat you view of other members.

Q. What is Dynamic Surf Ratio?

A. Your surf ratio increases 5% every 50 page views a free member will earn a 1:1
surf ratio after surfing 500 sites. A Mob Boss member can earn up to 3 credits per
page view. OTO Mob Boss PRO members can earn up to 4 credits per page view.

Q. Does Mobster Hits pay members for surfing?

A. No, but we do add UNANNOUNCED cash prizes periodically, ranging from $0.01 to $1.00
(and sometimes more) to reward those who surf regularly.
Those are treats and not to be expected so please don't complain if you aren't getting very many.

Q. Does Mobster Hits buy back Credits?

No, but "Mob Boss" upgraded members may sell up to 75% of their credits to other
members on the Sell Credits page. The transactions are performed between members only
and although the credits will be deducted from the seller's account and added to the
purchaser's account automatically after the purchase is complete,
Mobster Hits is not liable for any transactons between members.
Please send a support ticket if there are any problems with the member to member credit
purchases and we'll make it good.

Q. What is Mobser Hits Payout Threshold?

A. A Cashout request link will appear on your "Commissions" page once you have earned
$10.00 in surf prizes and/or commissions.
NOTE: It is in your best interest to apply your cash earnings to a "Mob Boss" upgrade
so you can sell your credits to other members and have a surf ratio up to 3:1 (3
credits per page view). You may request a cashout request at anyime in case of extreme hardship
or if you are canceling your Mobster Hits membershp. Just send us a support ticket.

Q. What are the surf timer settings at Mobster Hits?

A. Since our cutting edge ("world's fastest") surfbar preloads the next page while
viewing the curent page, the surf timer is set at only 8 seconds for free members and 6
seconds for upgraded members OTO Mob Boss PRO members have a 4 second surf timer).

Q. How much cash commissions do I earn from referring other members?

A. Free members earn $0.10 for each "active" referral. Members must surf 50 pages to
be considered "active". WARNING: Cheaters will be banned from Mobster Hits and partner
sites and will lose all commissions and credits.

Q. How much residual cash commissions will I earn from my downline members' purchases?

A. Free members and Mob Boss members both earn 50% residual (monthly) commissions on
all sales and upgrade purchases (except member to member credit sales). Free members
earn 20% on OTO (One Time Offer) purchases. Mob Boss members earn 50% on OTO purchases
and OTO Mob Boss PRO members and JV Partners earn 75% commissions on ALL purchases by
their downlin members, INCLUDING OTOs and 10% 2nd level cash commissions.

Q. How many credits will I earn for referring other members?

A. All members earn 15% referral credits on the first level. Mob Boss members earn an
additional 10% second level credits. OTO Mob Boss PRO and JV Partners earn 20% 2nd
level referral credits.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Please make sure that your site does NOT break out of frame and if your
site is a rotator, it is your responsiblity to make sure that ALL sites in it meet Mobster Hits
Terms. Be sure that your site does NOT have ANY popups of ANY KIND!

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